B3200 Service cost

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Aug 16, 2011
Warner, New Hampshire
Kubota B3200HSD
The dealer quote me $575 for service on my machine. He told me hydrolic fluid is expensive.

Does this seem a tad high for service?

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I think I just gave about $325 for all the fluids and filters for a complete server on my unit, that included the fuel filter x's two, air filter inner and outer, oil filter, hydraulic filter, and five gallons of hydraulic fluid, and two gallons of oil. Off course I'm not looking at the receipt, and just trying to recall from memory. And I still have to do the work now. This was in Louisiana also.
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Kubota parts and oil is high dollar but likely about half that cost quoted is parts the rest is labor. Do it yourself and save about 300 of those dollars. Universal hydraulic fluid that meets Kubota specs is about $45 for 5 gallons vs over $120 for UDT or SUDT which you may want seeing as you are in cold country. You likely need over 10 gallons for your tractors fluid change.