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Feb 21, 2005
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Buddy has an older ('82) B8200 that is due for maintenance. Does anybody have any info on where the hydraulic filter is located, and what filter is needed? Also thinking fuel filter is due. Thinking based on some of the discussions here that Super UDT might be a good choice to help an old unit. Any
info is appreciated.

On edit: I've located the Baldwin filters for air, fuel, and engine oil, but not the hydro or suction filter.

If you have an online store recommendation that would be great. Local Kubota dealers have been less than helpful as far as parts for older units...
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( If you have an online store recommendation that would be great. )</font>

I have heard good things about tractorsmart.com from people on this forum.
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No experience with the 8200, but if it is set up like the 9200 the hyd filter is under the tractor near the left rear tire. It's a very large filter.
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For your buddies B8200, you'll want an engine oil filter, air filter and fuel filter, all of which are readily available from a TBN sponsor (?) called Tractorsmart, for great prices, and shipping is painless... check www.tractorsmart.com

I've had only good experiences in dealing with them!

The hydraulic filter is a super-fine stainless screen tube, located under a large hex fitting (35mm if memory serves) on the right side of the of the rear end case, where the return line enters. Tractorsmart has Kubota parts PDF's online, and you can see all this stuff there, if you don't have any manuals. Order a new sealing washer for the hydraulic filter, while you're at it. I'll look at my B8200 to see just where the screen is located, and what size socket you'll need. And, if it's like mine was, it'll be real tight.
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I should have added it is a hydro. It looks like there is a spin on hydraulic filter somewhere as well...

I assume there a cleanable screen type hydraulic suction, and a spin on hydraulic filter on these?

I couldn't find the pdf's at Tractor Smart. I found the filters though. He has some manuals, but I don't ever recall finding the spin on in there. I had the front drive apart and replaced a bunch of seals and a bearing or two, but aside from changing the oil, that is all that I have done to it.
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I didn't feel right about saying it was a 35mm fitting, so I checked, and it is a 26mm. I'd use a 6-point socket, considering how tight it might be. My late model B8200 doesn't have any spin on or other hydraulic filter- just the screen. I've never found much crud, but then, I am probably overly fastidious about maintainence... I hate to have to repair anything, so I try to avoid trouble. By and large, I've been very pleased with my B8200- I just wish they'd located the engine dipstick where you could see the hole without a flashlight.
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Jeez: I forgot to add that my tractor is a manual tranny, so you might have a spin-on filter. I think I got my first pdf parts manual from Tractorsmart, via` the internet, for free, of course. I'd send a copy on to you, but with my connection, it could take 15 minutes to send...
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I think I found the manuals. They have you give them email address and send it. Submitted a few minutes ago. We'll see how long it takes...

Deere has a TON of info on their site.
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I got my manual from Kubota for $16. I got the service manual too; I think it was about $75.

I have a hodge podge of filters on my B8200. Here goes...
oil: Napa Gold #1344
Air: Purolator #A22011
Hydraulic: Carquest #85268

The hydraulic filter is below the 4wd lever. There is a banjo fitting kinda below range lever, that has a strainer.

I got the air filter and fuel filter from a local tractor repair shop.

I took pictures of the hydro filter placement and banjo/strainer placement, but have misplaced my camera/pc cable... Will find it and post a little later.
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Here is the hydro filter. It is on the left side, kind below the 4wd lever.


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