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Nov 28, 2019
Rocky Mntns, CO
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Since I posted earlier about ordering a Greenworks saw from the Costco sale, I've used it quite a bit. I figured I'd use it for limbing, see if I could stand it instead of my Stihl 211 for that. The 211 has a well-deserved habit of leaking lots oil [design of the oil tank outlet] so it would not create sadness in me to get rid of it.

I began limbing some 12-14" trees [dead] and then cut a few rounds to see how it would do. I ended up cutting the entire trunks on three of these trees into rounds. By the time I was done, battery ran out and I'd been cutting for 45 minutes [4 amp hr battery].

Hot damn, not bad. Relatively quiet, weight not much different from the 211, lasted about as long as a tank of mix. Have now cut over a dozen trees into rounds ready to split, and the saw is very nice to use. 18" bar.

I also am using a Stihl 261 and the 441, some of my trees to cut up are more like 22"+ diameter. No way the battery saw makes sense there.

I have no idea, of course, how well this saw will hold up over time. Or the batteries. But initial use is very encouraging. Never thought I'd want or use a battery saw, but I am convinced and will keep this one.... And the county ban on gas-powered tools [and firearms and outdoor grilling and etc.] continues apace. I expect it to remain until year's end.
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Mar 29, 2002
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It's a good rule of thumb for your electric chainsaw!
I would go a little larger depending on the type of wood and also the battery chainsaw. My Redback 120 volt saw will do 12 inches easily but my Ryobi 40 volt saws I can do 8 inches easily.
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Jan 14, 2022
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I don't think anyone is suggesting that current battery saws are even close to being a good replacement for a 70cc saw. Most of them are lucky to match a good quality 40cc saw. Some are approaching a 50cc saw, but suffer from short battery life and heavy weight (especially as compared to pro-level 50 cc saws). With enough batteries, you can make them work for a full day's use, but that gets cumbersome.
Yes, but when you need to make a quick cut, or take out a branch or two, it's much easier to have and use a battery powered chainsaw....
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May 1, 2022
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I have an Atlas 80v swapped to a Oregon 18" bar (3/8" low profile .050) running Oregon S62, it worked well, but, it would bog down and overheat the battery sometimes when buried, especially when into 2-3 bars. Which at that time means the battery is about 39 volts each leg, charged it is 41.#. I swapped to a 14" Homelite bar (same A041 mount) and Oregon chain, it does much better buried in the cut and gets down to one bar before the battery quits.

What I like is the 18" 80V trimmer, the shield needs improvement, but, it has been a very good trimmer. I use the 40v leaf blower and it is good little blower, but, I mainly bought it to blow sawdust off my chainsaw mill trailer. Otherwise I probably would have bought the 80v blower.

I found using the 40/80v rapid charger makes a BIG different in conditioning of the battery and charge level. The batteries last longer in use when using the rapid charger.
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Jan 30, 2019
Madison, AL
I think I'd take that to 6", at least
Ditto on my 56V EGo 18". It seems to be the equal of any gasser.

Clearing trail last week a friend was using a gas Stihl. Was reminded how much I like my EGo watching him start that thing several dozen times. Start. Cut 10 seconds. Kill. Start. Cut 10 seconds. Kill. Repeat.
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Aug 12, 2019
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I just got the 80v Greenworks 18" saw during Amazon Prime Day. $194 with a battery. My Greenworks 40v 16" has punched above it's weight, so expecting the same from this one. It uses a .050 chain and more solid adjustment so hopefully less resetting the chain. We'll see.

The 16" cleaning up some storm damage.