BCS America upgraded their site.

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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
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Hey all,

BCS America very recently upgraded thier site. It looks very nice. I'm interested in thier new lineup of mechanical tillage tools. May have to order a Root Digger just to see if it's as nice as the Aldo Biagioli digger from Earth Tools.

Root Digger // BCS America
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Thanks for sharing. I always wondered when BCS America would update their very vintage site.

That Wallenstein log splitter looks pretty sweet. I wonder how the drive on the pump is set up. I would think they are raising the rpms to the pump through some kind of increaser.
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The drive for the log splitter come from a BCS Power Cradle which as you say increases the shaft speed to about 3600 rpm and reverses the direction for direct drive pumps. The idea of the power cradle is that other pump or generator attachments can be fitted to the drive. Things we might see are water pumps, pressure washers, sprayers and generators. The power cradle sells for $299.
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Thanks for the info. The power cradle sounds very interesting. Is that something you can buy today? I didn't see it on the BCS site. Thanks.
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The power cradle is now only available with the log splitter. I suspect it can be purchase separately but BCS has priced with no margin for either the distributor or the dealer as they feel it expands the usefulness of the basic tractor and they will sell more attachments in the future. At this time the power cradle is stocked only with the log splitter. Log splitters are currently out of stock but they have been ordered. They will be stocked at the New York distributor in Victor NY.
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Ok. Thanks.. Would love to get my hands on one of those power cradles. Do you know what the output shaft and mounting flange look like on the power cradle?