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May 30, 2003
sw missouri
Case DX 40 8/1/03
Hello again! Thank you for your response on the parts issue. I was wondering if any of you have a bh with your century and how do you like it so far? Does it come off and on fairly easy? When off is the subframe stay on the tractor or go with the bh? Somewhere I may have read that it is simular to the jd47 bh (I think that is the number). Is it so? How is the loader lift? The specs show it to pick up aprox. 1400#, I thought it would do a little more for the size of the tractor (not to say that is bad). Has everyone been happy with the c-50. I will be doing a fair amount of loader work. Thanks, Griz.
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Chipperman can extol the virtues of the C-50, but as a Branson guy I can say that the Ansung BL20 loader on a 3045 (4520 Branson) will lift a little under 2100lbs at the pivot pins. The backhoe is a good unit, and the subframe comes off with the hoe. Takes less than 5 minutes to remove or reinstall. I do not know the numbers for lift capacity on the JD.
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Griz, The Century backhoe is the same as a John Deere 7. It is attached to the tractor by a quick attach subframe. It is supposed to be about a five minute job to install or remove. Bucket digging force is #2840 and there are six buckets available from 9" to 36". I cannot attest to it because I didn't purchase one with my tractor. The ones I have seen are impressive to me.
As for the loader, everything about it is first class. The subframe is massive, and the ease of removing the loader or just bucket is second to none. The arms follow the contour of the tractor so they do not obstruct your view as in the NH TC33 or Mahindras. Breakout capacity is #2420 and full height lift is #1430. The loader doesn't quit. I picked up a huge rock last week that I wouldn't want 8 1/2 feet in the air in front of me. The loader picked it up no problem, but the tractor rear got light once I got it much above 3 to 4 feet. I kept it low when I transported it and had no trouble. I used my Q/A pallet forks for that one as the rock was too big for the bucket. Those are a must have if you intend on picking up oversize objects. In my admittedly limited experience with the loader, I can attest that it would be a rare occasion that you would need more capacity than the C-50.
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Hi Griz,
I have the c-system hoe on my 3045. I like it just fine. It is easy to get a feel for and plenty strong for the weight of my tractor ( I can drag the tractor with the stabilizers and the fel down ). Most of the five minutes to get the thing off is playing with the stabilizers and the bucket to get the weight off of the frame, after that you unlatch it and drive away. I block mine so that it wont move when I disconnect the hydraulics. I have to hop down a time or two to check where I’m going when I put it back on but hopefully I’ll get better at it.
You can get hoes with more power that will work on this tractor but I really liked the subframe attach on this one, and I don’t need more power ( what am I saying??).

I been using the c-50 for about 20 hrs now and I love it. The fender mounted joy stick is easy to get at, and the loader has done every thing I asked ( big rocks, top soil removal, moving pallets, spreading processed gravel, etc.. ). I have a pair of forks, and to go from bucket to forks takes less than a minute. I have not tried to remove the whole fel though.
Hope this helps.