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I don't know what a grostling iron is.

I see a Flattening Hammer !
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It's a grostling iron only if you've never used one or seen one. Otherwise it's something else. There's a cherry pitter in there too.
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I'll post photos of the "Grostling Iron" so you can draw your own conclusions...

I'm just a bit suspicious that a Grostling Iron may be more akin to a Snipe, sky hook or muffler bearing rather than an actual real tool .

I could only find 1 listing using Google when researching the term.

Not that I would ever doubt Mr. Old Grind!!!
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"X-ray" should be a clue...but the first 10 Google search pages for X-RAY result in...yep...modern x-ray images and machines!

Actually, a Google image reverse search resulted in it being tagged as an old hand juicer for oranges or lemons, just missing a part.

But the stamped "X-RAY" seems like such a modern word to be found on an old cast iron tool like this...

Maybe it IS a Grostling Iron after all!
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