Biodiesel in the 3720!

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Feb 21, 2005
Central WI
I had a chance to stop into the renewable energy fair Friday and got a jug of B100. Way overpriced at $25 for 5 gallons in a can, but I wanted to try some. Let me tell you, the stuff tames the exhaust smell right now! I put a couple of gallons in my 455 and a couple in my 3720 which of course means that the 455 has higher concentrate (near 50%) and the 3720 is more like 20%, but man the smell is SWEET!!!
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I like what you are reporting. To me, the additional cost may be worth it to try to use what we can make here at home.

Is this a biodiesel mix? If so, how much is from bio source? Or do you have a 100% bio fuel? I've seen everything from 2% bio to 20% bio but nothing that is 100% bio.
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I bought a jug of B100 from new soil oil, factory produced. Mixed to estimated 20% or B20 equivalent in my 3720.