Blitz No-Spill Fuel Can Update

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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
JD 3720
I have been out of town for the past several days, but wanted to update eveyone on the Blitz Fuel Can.

I sent an e-mail to consumer service at the Blitz site. They responded in a very quick fashion with the following:

"Sorry to hear that you had trouble with our products...
Can you provide the item number of the can so I can figure out which
spout to send you. We would be happy to send a replacment to you. "

I had to leave home before sending them the item number and figured I would do it yesterday when I got home.

Much to my surprise, a pacakge arrived in the mail, from Blitz. Inside was the correct spout for my can! I hadn't even sent them the item number, although from my earlier e-mail they could certainly tell which spout it was.

We are all quick to complain when something goes wrong, but this seems like service that goes above and beyond. I am very impressed with their service department and wanted to give them the credit they deserve.