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Sep 4, 2002
Eastern NY
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I'm coming clean on something dumb I did just the other evening in the hopes someone else doesn't do it.

So I haven't run the tractor for about a month now since this time of year I only use it for blowing snow. We get about 6" of snow during the day so when I get home from work I got out to the barn to start the tractor. When it's this cold out, about 20F, I always let the tractor warm up for a few minutes by doing something else around the barn after I've started it. So stand next the tractor, put the key in the ignition, turn it for the glow plugs to come on, wait for the glow plug timer to timeout and then turn the key further to energize the starter and all I get is this faint click. For some reason, I immediately think a fuse blew, maybe because early on I had the 7.5 amp fuse blow many times until I replaced it with circuit breaker. Also, I've had problems with my ignition switch and the glow plug timer.... Anyways, I go and get a pair of pliers to pull the circuit breaker because for some reason I think it must not be working. As I'm pulling it out, it falls from the pliers and either into the tractor or on the ground and after 5 minutes of searching I can't find it.

I give up and go into the house to get a fuse to replace it, since I don't have another circuit breaker. I put the new fuse in, turn the key and once again and I get the same faint click! Now I'm really not happy, but for some reason I notice the parking brake is not set. So I set the brake, turn the key, and again get that same faint click. Then I now notice the tractor is in gear!

I mumble stuff to myself I shouldn't say, put her in neutral, turn the key and she fires right up! I don't know why but the last time I parked her, I left her in gear and did not set the parking brake. So after 15 minutes of wasted time and a lost circuit breaker my tractor is now running. I guess I will not make that mistake for a while again, so maybe the "wasted time" was really re-training for what you need to do before you can start your tractor. By the way she did a great job of blowing snow, much better than using a shovel.
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Just file the incident with your "lessons learned" folder and you'll be good to go. My folder is pretty thick:D:D

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I know the feeling. I once made a special wrench and spent a couple of hours trying to get a hood open when what it was was pulling the brake release instead of the hood open. Still have the wrench with funny bends.
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You should rename the thread "Safety Interlock Test Procedure"
Glad to hear they are working as designed.
My tractor has very few if any safety features so I always sit in the seat when I turn the key or pull the levers.
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I ALWAYS leave my range selector in high or low when I shut the tractor down. It keeps me from making the same mistake because it has become 2nd nature for me to reach for the range selector before I start the tractor.

The good part of your story is that the fuses are easy to get to, so replacing the breaker will not be a big job.;)
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I always set in the seat when I start my 1700 because of the clutch safety switch. Then it can be in or out of gear.:)
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My habit has always been to put the tractor in neutral, set the parking brake, slow the throttle down and then turn off the tractor. Not sure how I missed the brake and neutral last time, but I will not do it again for a long time.

Thanks for all the replies, sounds like I'm not the only one who has forgotten.