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Apr 27, 2002
I am trying to decide between Branson and Century. The distributor sites don't show a dealer very close to me, about 1.5 hours away. I am in Northwest Arkansas. Am hoping a local dealer will get these tractors. If choosing between Branson and Century tractors which would be best? I am considering one of about 35 HP with loader and possibly a backhoe. I have 20 acres to take care of with brush hogging and other small farm chores.
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I took it from your other post that you had two dealers that you thought equally well of. The dealer and deal is the whole thing. Century and Branson are like Chevy and GMC trucks. Slightly different design, but sisters under the skin. If there's no dealer near you I wouldn't leave out Mahindra or Kioti if there's a quality dealer closer to you. They are also quality Korean imports.
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I tried Kioti and Mahindra, local and was not impressed with dealers. The out of town Branson and Century dealers impressed me more but I am not yet ready to buy that far away. Guess I was really hoping a new dealer would pop up closer or one of the two is markedly better. They sound so close.
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I don't think you could go wrong with either one, allthough I am biased toward Century. That could be because that's what I have/w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif. They are basicaly the same tractor though.
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I found a closer Branson dealer not on the Branson website yet. He uses Taz brand loaders on his Bransons. Cannot find them on the net. Anybody know anything good or bad about them?
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I never heard of a TAZ loader personally. That would be one more reason I would lean toards Century if I were choosing between the two. I do know the Century C-50 is an exceptional FEL. I would suspect he's using them because he gets them cheaper and makes more money on them. But that's just cynical me talking.
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I thought I saw a caution flag waving when the salesman said they use the Tas loaders, the same ones they use on their other lines.