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Could you please explain what the difference is between the Century 2535 and the 3035. The specs look identical except for the wheelbase, overall length and the weight.

I'm very interested in learning more about this line of tractors but information is hard to come by. Other than, do you know of any other (dealer?) sites that could provide additional information?

Thanks in advance.
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The 3035 is identical to the 2535 except for the longer chassis on the 3035. The difference as you stated is in the wheelbase,overall length, and wieght.

The 2028 and 2535 are the shorter chassis tractors,while
the 3035,3040,and 3045 are all of the longer chassis.

The chassis are internally identical amoung all five models. The difference between short and long chassis is in a spacer between the gearbox and differential housing, which is used in the longer chassis, to extend the wheelbase and make it possible to use a platform with larger fenders for bigger tires.
The total tractor weight differences of the five models, is however, minimal.

You might take a look at Kukje's web site--

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On the Branson's, the 10 series (2810, 3510) are the smaller units and the 20 series (3520, 4020, 4520) are the larger. About 450 lbs difference in weight between the 10's and 20's.
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So other than cosmetic and the attachements... are there any real differences between the Century and Branson? For the most part exactly the same in terms of engines, spec's etc.
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From what I've heard and seen, they are identical, save the loader and backhoe each company has chosen to market.