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Jul 24, 2003
Chesterfield, Va
Kubota 3130DT
There is a Branson dealer about 30 miles from here and he has the 3510 and 4520 w/FEL on his lot and I drove both around the lot to mess with controls and get a feel for the tractor. I love everything about it except for (on the 4520): The Seat is very thin (cheap) and not very springy making for a rough ride at times, I am 5'9" 190 and I could not buckle the seat belt with it fully extended (about 6in's short) and on the same tractor with the seat all the way up I had to stretch my shoe out to depress the clutch all the way. All little things but I also worry about parts in 10 years. Everything else about the tractors seems great. Just my thoughts (leaning towards the more expensive JD 4310 w/FEL /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif
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Has anybody seen these same issues on the Branson?
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I recently purchased a Century 3045 which is the same as the Branson 4320. (Not sure what the 4520 is..?)

I have not noticed either of these issues. I am 6'2" and a fair amount more than 190lbs and have no issue with the seat belt. No problem with the clutch either.

On the contrary though on the 4310 gear/eReverser the throttle was to close to the seat for my comfort.

I have no fear with parts. I do not think KUKJE is going anywhere.

Best of luck on your purchase. I read your post on the JD forum and looks like you have a much better price than I got on both tractors. I paid close to your JD price for the Century. Still looks like you will save a good 3 grand and in my opinion get a better tractor with the Branson/Century. But I believe your comfort on the tractor should be a big deciding factor also.

I was hoping Chipperman might have chimed in regarding the seat and belt issue for you...
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Thanks for the reply. The Branson dealer is selling the 3510 for $13900 with FEL and $16900 for the 4520 which is the 45hp model with the Yanmar. The 3510 belt fits fine but on the 4520 for me to push the clutch all the way in the seat needs to be all the way forward and when I do that the belt will not latch. I looked around to make sure the belt wasn't tangled. Well JD has one of the nicest seats and comfort is important but for 3k more?! Since Kukje makes tractors for JD and engines for cummins they can't be bad.
Looks like we do the same thing for a living (Network Engineer/Email Admin).
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Sorry for not chiming in but I have been out straight. Last week Empire Farm Days This week just finished setting up at the forestry show in Boonville, NY. In spite of the largest power failure in recorded history, Actually Boonville did not lose power. Their will be Century and Zetor on display plus many Salsco chippers.

Back to the subject. I have never herd of the seat belt problem described. As for the seat, the suspension is adjustable, I did here of a case where someone moved ahead the seat do to short legs. Hope that helps.
Good Luck
PS: For those of you who don’t make it to Boonville come see us (Century/Zetor) at Ag Progress in State College, PA next week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday or the Woodstock Fair Woodstock, CT (Labor Day weekend) I’ll be their Sunday and Monday. And if that is not enough our newest New England Dealer, Meadowbrook Equipment, Edington ME may be at the Blue Hill Fair in Blue Hill, ME, Also on Labor day weekend. (I will be there Friday/Saturday)
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The Branson is 4k less than the JD with close to the same features. I am having a hard time with this fact and I really like the Branson but I do have other concerns like parts in 10 years. I feel that the tractor is well built and will hold up fine but need to hear from an owner that has put it through its paces to tell me that it does a good job and works well. I think I added this is my last post but I have to move the seat forward all the way to depress the clutch all the way and when I do this the seatbelt is not long enough to latch. That is any easy fix but I guess the Koreans think all Americans are 6' 2" and thin?!
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The 4520 Branson is the same tractor as your Century. I like it because it is the larger chasis and the Yanmar engine. You know I REALLY like the JD but the extra money will buy the 3510 with the Backhoe and that make things more difficult. So you own 2 Bransons? Your overall experience with them is good? Any trouble?
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No I have one. The Century 3045 which is the 4 cyl yanmar version.

I have only had it 2 weeks and have already put 10 tractor hours on it. I love it. It has all the power I could ever need. No issues with it. I've been doing alot of digging with the loader preparing drainage for a greenhouse.

I went through a similar process, but did not have what I considerred a good JD dealer nearby. So I narrowed it down to Kubota and Century and couldn't see spending more money for a less powerful, lighter tractor.

I honestly did not find a seatbelt issue, but I have to believe their can be an easy modification to repair that if that's the only hold back. I'm sure this modification would not cost much. (I rarely use it though as my land is fairly flat.)

I wish you luck in your decision. I know it can seem like a tough one, but I don't think you can go wrong with your options.
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check my review on my 3045 century. I now have over 70 hrs on it and I have WORKED it hard and it has done every thing I have asked it to. I to looked at green and orange and just couldn't see paying that much and not get as good a tractor. I'm 5-7 and 170 # and I haven't had any problem with the belt but I did have a problem with the seat as the rod that let the seat go up and down was froze up so it wouldn't move. I think that when It came accoss the pond the salt got to it. My dealer just swapped it with another and I lubed it up good and it works fine now.
The review is here under-- 3045 review.