Brought 57 cub home today

   / Brought 57 cub home today
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Another “save” for the Cub this afternoon, delivering gas to my John Deere lawnmower when it ran out on the far side of the lawn:

The new tool box rack, that I made for it, works great for a 6 gallon gas can.
   / Brought 57 cub home today
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I did my first “real” work with the Cub today. It handled my dad’s old 6 ft Bissel disk, at the most aggressive setting, with ease. It also had no trouble with his 8 ft wide 2-section drag, set as deep as it would go.


Best of all, the 8ft box on my old 3/4 ton Silverado fit it like a glove. Try that with a Super A. I’m satisfied that I got my $ 783.17 worth (that’s what I paid for it at the silent auction at work last fall).
   / Brought 57 cub home today
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I did a little more “real work” with the Cub last weekend. I used it on a 7 ft cultipacker planting turnips. It worked great for that: