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Sep 24, 2013
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I just got this tractor about a month ago, and I'm looking to add a hydraulic motor to rotate the chute on the BX-2750D snow blower.

The tractor hydraulic system is rated at 6.2 GPM. I assume this runs everything hydraulic? Hydrostat drive, power steering, 3-point hitch, as well as the loader valve used to raise and lower the snow blower, and chute rotor if I add one.

Does anyone have any idea what the true flow rate is at the loader valve? It's really hard to do the mathematical equations of figuring motor size without an exact number to put in.

One motor I'm looking at calls for a drain line back to the reservoir, IE, the transmission case. Is there a place to plumb this line into?

I'm new to Kubota, so please forgive my ignorance.
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If you do a search for "chute rotator", there are quite a few threads about this modification.
There was one thread with a CAD drawing of the rotator gear teeth, to assist with that modification. The hydraulics forum has a thread on building flow restrictors to slow the speed of rotation. I used a motor from Ebay, a Lovejoy coupler and some scrap steel to fabricate my rotator. The rotation is controlled by the dump and curl postions of the loader valve.
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There is a factory package available for that unit.
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Thanks Wild Bill. I did a search, but didn't turn up anything. Probably spelled rotater instead of rotator. According to spell check, neither is a word. Might have used rotation too. That's my luck with searches though, I try, I fail. I went back through old posts, but this is such an active board, I didn't go back far enough. Ok, that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. :laughing:

Art, I know, that's where I got the idea. If I could have afforded the $804, I'd probably have went that way. Simple truth is, the purchase of the tractor busted me, and I still have 60 "easy" monthly payments. The stock manual rotation sucks. I don't care for electric's problems, the joystick is right there only being half used, so..............

Thanks! I've posted on a couple of forums and this one has been the most helpful by far.
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I bought a Sauer Danfoss DH-36 on eBay for my BX2230. It works great with no flow controls.
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If I did the conversion right, 36cubic centimeters is 2.2 cubic inches. The 2.5 I'm looking at should be real close, just a tad slower. My original plan is starting to look more promising all the time. Well, let's say second original plan as I've made a couple of thought changes. Zeroing in on it thanks to you guys!

I found the quick couplers used are rated at 4.5 GPM max flow rate, but that's at a higher pressure then the small Kubota makes.