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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
BX 1880 with FEL and canopy
I have a relatively new 1880. I've had it about 8 months, and it has about 120 hours.

For the first part of my ownership I didn't use the 3ph much. I'd raise it now and then to move a trailer or something but that was about it.

Recently I've bought a box blade and a rake and have begun using them quite a bit, and I'm noticing that the 3ph is painfully slow to lift. I believe it has been like that the whole time I've had it, I just didn't notice because the times I lifted it it didn't matter much.

When I'm dragging a box full, and I get where I want to drop it, I have to stop and wait forever to lift it before I can drop and go or reverse directions. It's pretty aggravating and really slows me down. You can pretty much forget lifting it to empty the box on the fly. Sometimes it even seems like it won't lift at first and I return the lever to neutral and try again.

I think it's worth noting that sometimes it seems better than others, but it always seems slow to me.

It doesn't seem particularly *weak*, just slow. Neither my box blade or my rake are very heavy, it's not a case of overloading.

My loader functions well, is a good speed and good strength. The 50 hour service was done at the dealership at about 70 hours, but I don't really think this had any correlation to that time.

I feel like this should probably be an issue to let my dealer figure out, but every time I drop anything off for a service or otherwise they have it over a week, and I use my tractor quite a bit every weekend. I would like to just look it over myself first.

My fluid is not low, and the 3ph does not seem to be binding in any way to me. I haven't checked anything else.

I do have 4 rear remotes that were installed at the dealership when new, and a hydraulic top link. I don't know if any of that could be of consequence or not.

Where should I look just to rule anything easy to fix out? I'm tempted to drop the hst screen but I don't know that I want to eat $150 worth of SUDT2.

Many thanks!
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Have you checked to see how far in or out the speed control for the three point is? Common issue with less experienced owners, is that they bump it and tighten it up, so things move slower, or quit working completely, and they don’t even realize there is an adjustment which changes how fast the 3-point moves.
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All that controls is down speed. There is no adjustment that I'm aware of for lift speed. Down speed is fine and I adjust that most every time I operate the tractor to tailor the drop speed to my situation.

I should also note that rpms are generally wide open when I'm working the tractor.
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I definitely think you should take back to the dealer if it is under warranty. Sounds like the relief valve is opening.
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I believe so too. What does that indicate?
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Could be some trash or something holding it open or something plumped wrong if they added the remotes.

Also make sure the remote valves are not engaged. Sometimes they add a remote spool with Detent or no spring to center for running a wood splitter or something similar with it’s own valve.
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I have wondered if the remote install had something to do with this. It was done at the dealership before I received the tractor.

The levers to activate my remote valves aren't engaged while this is happening.
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I dropped it off at the dealership this afternoon. Curiously, and I haven't even noticed this, at low throttle it lifts up pretty quickly. (I'm beating my head against a wall because that would have been a nice band aid a few times while I was limping along. There is a clear point in the RPM range, maybe 1/3 throttle, where it switches to being very slow to go up.

He thinks it's a strong possibility that when they installed my remotes they plumbed the PB to the tank return or something along those lines (trying to regurgitate words I know little about so I might be misquoting him ). I regret not noticing this right away, but it didn't become very apparent until I was doing some steady work with my york rake and box blade.

He says that's the first BX they have had to put remotes on, so they may have flubbed it up. I keep getting that a lot (about the remotes and third function on the BX).
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At first he thought something was plumbed wrong with the remote valves,but they have eliminated all that, back to just the original and OEM 3 point hitch, and he says it's still present. He's isolated it to the control valve for the 3ph. He says he doesn't understand why, but it appears that's where the problem is.