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Nov 12, 2020
Pageland, SC
BX 1880 with FEL and canopy
I purchased myself an 1880, and added wheel weights, canopy, cruise, third function and rear remotes, and of course with the loader.

I bought it primarily just for property maintenance. Easy wheel barrowing, help with trimming and pruning the 70 or so trees on my one acre, working and improving my lawn, etc. Also as sort of a crane helping me lift things into and out of the back or my truck or onto trailers, and perhaps move things from storage building to house or vice versa. I do a lot of diy stuff and am usually a one man band, I'm not getting any younger!

I was initially only marginally satisfied with the loader performance, but when you buy a tractor the size of a lawnmower what can you expect? I ordered the BXPanded skid plate and pressure test/shim kit, and discovered my hydraulic pressure was 1650. I shimmed it to the max oem spec of 1850 and it's much better! It'll lift as much as this size and weight tractor feels like it needs to.

So far I have a boom pole, ratchet rake, loader forks, and quick spade. I pick up a 48" box blade today and have the AI2 quick attach on the way.

I have done a ton of work at home with it, including cleaning out old ignored pine needle beds and converting them to mulch, transplanting large Yaupon Hollys from one area of my property to those beds, lawn leveling/top dressing, grading some areas, and moving brush to the road after pruning. I have a stand of old Leland Cypress trees around my pool. There's 65 Lelands over 30 years old, several oaks, a few maples, a few Bradford Pears, and a few Holly trees, all were overgrown and needed a lot of work when I bought this property. I got more done in a few months with the tractor than I had without it in the previous year.

Aside from that, I have made some money with it. I've done several debris cleanup and removal jobs, which ALWAYS seem to involve old bricks and concrete, and it performed admirably. I have done several small grading projects that paid well, I've done a few shrub bed rejuvenations, and I have used it for a few pruning and trimming jobs. So far it always makes its own payment.

The internet always wants you to buy a bigger truck, tractor, trailer, etc, but a small tractor has its place. I've loved having this BX tractor.
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Well more power to ya.' Your satisfaction is more important than my opinions for sure ! I do believe you have set the all time record for hanging stuff on a BX1800 series subcompact. I suspect much less than 1% of them have 3rd functions or rear remote hydraulic connections. A smaller % yet of those owners have any clue what their hydraulic pressure in the loader cylinders is much less how to adjust it. I think you are bragging or else making a case for the Guinness Book of World Records. Either way, enjoy it!
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I want a hydraulic top link on the rear, and I want a grapple for the loader (from EA). Those are the reasons for adding my remotes and third function. I may try just "The Thumb" on my forks before I get the Wicked Grapple. I was using the forks on my 3ph today and it sure would have been nice having that HTL then!
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Wonder if I should do a 6000 hour review on one of my M9's. Just rolled over 6100 hours this fall. Never had a major issue with it and I work it hard, I farm with it. Only regular maintenance plus one tie rod end and a front crank seal (which I had replaced last tune up, I have the dealer run the overhead and pop the injectors, every 1500-2000 hours. Last time in the shop it was putting 93 ponies to the pto which is quite a bit more than spec of 83.My other M9 only has 2100 hours on it.

Always Off Road Diesel and Power Service winter or summer blend and the engines get a steady diet of Rotella T6 5-40 with Nano-Borate additive. I only use genuine Kubota filters, oil, hydraulic and air. Service is ALWAYS at the recommended intervals in the owners manuals.

Getting time for new shoes on the open station but I putting it off as long as possible. New shoes are around 5 grand.

Both are excellent tractors and the cost of ownership (maintenance) is quite reasonable.

For me at least, the best part is, they are both 100% mechanical pre T4 units. No electronic gizmo's to fail and no 'regen' ever.

Both should run well in the excess of 10,000 hours without any major issues.


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5030 -- great record, as it should be. I'm a retired one who never had a tractor long enough to need new tires . Well, not exactly true. My 1954 MF Pacer had them kind of rot off and did replace those... New shoes $5000?? You gotta be kidding. Tires are that much ?
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Big tractor tires, especially Radials which I'
will mount this time because they wear longer on pavement and I do a lot of pavement driving are around 5 grand give or take 4 4mounted here at the farm. I figure this time will be the last time. Got over 6000 hours on the first set. Heck, I drive more miles with the tractors than I do in my car.
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Very nice review ! How exactly have you been using it for pruning ?
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I should probably add, those will be R1 radials. Only tires I use. I've read that R4's wear better but because I do field work, R4's don't work.
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I'm glad you enjoy your tractor also 5030. I wouldn't even have room to turn it around.
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