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Jun 7, 2017
Vernon, NY
Kubota BX2200
Well, after 18 years, one of the steering hoses finally popped a leak... it's not the ones that go to the steering rack itself, it's the ones that go from the pump to to the hydraulic unit to assist with the steering.

I noticed it the other day when I parked it after mowing.

Ordered a new set of hoses and tube sleeve from Messick's and it will be here tomorrow.

Worked out good, because I was planning on changing the oil, fuel filters, hydraulic oil, coolant, and performing a valve clearance check this weekend anyhow.

Today I wound up taking like half the tractor apart, and I did the oil change, and fuel filters. Tomorrow is going to be the rest of the work.

The leak is likely the high pressure side. Not sure, and don't care because I'm replacing both hoses and tube sleeve because it's gross.

Got it marked with star. Hard to see in the pictures how wet it is, but it's soaked, and half the frame is covered in hydraulic oil.

When I get done, I'm going to give it a good bath with some Super Clean...

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Good news, Messick's came through, and I had my parts today. Just in time to install it. Told the delivery guy, this is true "just in time" delivery. LOL

It was very easy to do.

Got the valves adjusted (they were slightly off), fresh hydro fluid, new air filter, fuel filters, front axle lube, coolant, oil/filter change, and not to forget, the time it took to put it all back together.

Machine runs perfectly, and no more leaks.

All in a days work.
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Good work Diesel. My BX2200 had an hydraulic steering hose fail several years ago. In the course of getting that replaced the dealer noted that the orig equip steering hoses on these small Kubotas are notorious for failing at a relatively low hour age. He recommended and I of course agreed replacing both hoses. The complication in my case was that one or both of the hoses snaked back underneath the sheet metal and into the rear axle area. The only reasonable way to replace it was to pull the rear axle, etc. etc. That's why I threw in the towel and had the dealer do it. He also told me that the durability of the OEM hoses was questionable and said he had never had one of his own brand replacement hoses fail. That was at least 10 years ago and still seems fine.
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Yep, I've heard about them blowing a long time ago. I was just waiting for it to happen.

As far as the job itself, it's just time consuming, not physically hard. I took the body panels, seat, battery, battery compartment sub-pan, and floor pan off to properly route the hose to the transmission. About 2 1/2 hours from start to finish.

I was concerned with any major turns or pinch points crossing of the hoses, etc. Basically routing it was the hardest (required brain work) to avoid any uncertainty.

It was the high pressure side, as there was a nice area that was bulged out on the hose. The new hoses look of much better quality and are name brand hoses that Kubota is using instead of generic black hoses. Time will tell how long these new ones last.

I can say, that this machine is a breeze to work on... always has been.

Total hours spent this weekend working on my machine has been around ~15 hours.
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Good work Diesel; it would have taken me twice as long ! Or worse....
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Did you do the clean-up with the Super Clean?

Just curious.
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Yes I did.

It made quick work of the diesel soot on the loader and the front grill guard.