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Jun 7, 2017
Vernon, NY
Kubota BX2200
I've repaired and replaced my headlight switch on my BX2200 multiple times in it's lifetime.

I am now trying to find a suitable replacement...

I was reading this thread: https://www.tractorbynet.com/forums/kubota-owning-operating/180001-crappy-switches-bx-2200-a-2.html

Post in particular:
There are postings on the form covering this issue. Basically, you can get replacement switches that are marine grade that are more water and dust resistant. I recently ordered a set and they snap in the same dash cutouts as the origional switches when I got tired of the lights comming on at various times by themselves usually running the battery down before someone noticed.


The manufactures website is

and I was able to buy them off of Amazon.com
Amazon.com: Ancor Marine Grade Electrical Surf N Turf Rocker Switch: Sports & Outdoors

You will need 1 # 557026 double pole / double throw switch
and 2 # 557110 single pole / single throw switches.

These will replace the switches currently in the dash. The old ones have a plastic spring catch that looks simular to the new switches. I just reached under the dash, pressed one side in with my finger and pushed up until the switch popped out. You will need 3 new spade quick connectors as the new switch has a different terminal configuration and you will have to remove the big plastic connector that plugs in to the old turn signal switch as it won't fit on the new switch. Just make sure that you note the wire colors and place the wires in the same place on the new switch. The switch change is not hard and will probably take only about 20 minutes tops. They also look good in the dash.

While you are under the dash, you may also find a bulb loose that is dangeling out of the wire harness. From what I understand, it is not used on US tractors and can be put in the middle socket of the second row (just in front of the switches) of 3 light sockets or just left dangeling. The wire harness is common among several models both US and foreign, and the light is for the HST overtemp sensor which the US tractors do not have. Why, I have no idea.

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However, the manufacturer doesn't seem to sell those part #'s any more.

Any suggestions of quality replacements for those switches without modifying anything?
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Models 554026 and 554010 should work fine. I don't know why you'd need a DPDT for the turn signals. The 554026 is just a SPDT on-off-on. Rocker Switches | Ancor You'd need one 554026 and two 554010. I swapped by buddy's switches years ago using Phil's post. Worked great. I noticed they do have the 554033, which is a DPDT on-off-on, but again, I can't remember why you'd need that. They didn't have the dimensions of the cutout listed; may want to confirm those.
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Yeah, I'll have to look. It's not an emergency, but it is gets old disassembling it every so often.