Can anyone ID this two wheel tractor?

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Mar 4, 2008
Southwestern Wisconsin
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Hey all,

I noticed this from the road and stopped by to take some pics. Guy's willing to sell it but I don't know if I'm willing to buy. I thought it was a david bradley, but the engine mounts with the driveshaft pointing to the rear. it has steering brakes.


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i have one almost just like this,,, the one in your picture is the only other one i have ever seen,,mine has a pto shaft coming out the dosent have brakes the two leavers are what puts it in for each side..thats how i steer is a man will wear you out...i dont use mine any old to take the torture...i was a youg man when i bought it old lady had it and used it in her garden..when i went to pick it up i ask how do you put it in reverse ? she said son you dont want it to go backwards...she was right.. over the years i did alot of work with mine,,, good little tractor...bruce
   / Can anyone ID this two wheel tractor?
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Thanks for the reply. Through the guys at, I found out it was a Page. One of the guys on there bought it from the owner for 50 bucks. I've talked to the buyer recently and he put a different engine and steel wheels on it. It's alive and well in his collection.