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Nov 22, 2008
Ontario, Canada
Kubota B2620
Was getting everything washed up for the tractor ride on Monday, so thought I'd drive them both up on trailer for a pic. These are the two I'm taking this year. Yes, I know the Ford is too far forward, just drove it on for pic.
Wish I didn't sell my F550 now because I need a bigger trailer.


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What brand is your alum trailer
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Always nice to see yesterday's iron well taken care of. (y)
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Always nice to see yesterday's iron well taken care of. (y)
Thank you. Wish I could just drive the tractor there, but it's 50 miles down the Trans Canada Highway and I have to be back home that night. But my cousin lives in farm country that is only 17 miles from where parade is, so my son and I may drive them from there.

Hope the weather clears, it's pouring rain here right now.
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What brand is your alum trailer
It's a Bearco made in southern Ontario.
I've discussed it in some other posts. I first bought it to haul only my RTV-X1100C and it developed cracks in non critical areas by the time I drove it home.
Then the first time I hauled the Ford on it I thought I destroyed it. Despite being rated for 5700 pound payload it sagged the floor and crossmembers badly.
But as a company, Bearco has been great. They have paid my welder on more than one occasion to weld it and add more crossmembers to the frame.
But still, every time I pull it, all the welds that attach the fenders crack.
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Had a good day at the Tractor Trot with my son. He drove the Allis. One person told me there was 104 tractors, then I also heard 120?


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