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Mar 20, 2000
Corinth, Texas
Some gardener I turned out to be this year. I don't know how many varieties of cantaloupe there are, but I like to try out different seed, so this year I planted "R. Ford" cantaloupe. The picture on the package didn't look unusual, but lately, I've noticed several cantaloupe that appeared to be ripe, but when I cut into them, they were only orange right around the seed cavity and mostly green, so I threw them away. Well, today I tried again and decided to taste test them. They're sweet, juicy, and good, but sure a weird color; never seen anything like it. Don't know whether someone crossed a honeydew melon with cantaloupe or whether they just plowed with one of those green tractors./w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif

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Somewhere in rural or garden I posted the best cantalopes I have ever seen and they are nearly all over 10#. They are expensive and hybrids, but really worth it. I buy them every year now and gave up on all the rest. They are called Sugar Queen.

Yes, I guess some of the green paint got on your cantalopes. I have seen them with the green centers, and if you close your eyes, they taste just like all the others.
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Yeah, Wen, I remember your posts about the Sugar Queen cantaloupes. Hope I can find some of those seed next Spring to try. But I'd sure never heard of green meated cantaloupe; however, I ate a batch of it today.

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Now that I have stopped laughing at your last comment I, will try to add something to the possiable name of these odd cantaloupe.

Maybe they are known as PoppinJohnnieLoupe's /w3tcompact/icons/smile.gif

Good Luck and Good Day.

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Cowboy, that sounds like a good name for them./w3tcompact/icons/wink.gif I ate another one today, and gave several to a couple of neighbors. Everyone agrees that they taste fine, but have never seen or heard of a cantaloupe that color inside.

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Bird - I've had similar experience with open-pollinated cantelopes. One year the melons were flowering to close to the zucinni and I got some great looking mellons that tasted like zucinni.

Any chance your cantelopes crossed with your honeydews???

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kevin, I didn't plant any honeydew melons. The cantaloupe are right next to the pumpkins, and the next closest thing is the yellow meat watermelons. This has just been a peculiar year overall for our seed and plant providers. I only set out Texas 1015Y onions, but I had several purple onions when they matured, I only planted the round radishes that are red on top and white on bottom, but I had a few long white, and a lot of solid red, I planted yellow crooked neck squash, but had 4 plants that turned out to be the white turban squash, and I bought bell pepper plants, but one turned out to be some long, slender, hot little peppers. And our nearest neighbor had the same things happen.