Case 550 Dozer Front Idler and Track Roller Lubrication

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Aug 20, 2018
New Holland TL90A, Case 580 SL, International 574
I just purchased a Case 550 Crawler Dozer with 6 way blade. Machine is in reasonably good operating condition - everything seems to work OK. It came with the Case OEM operator and maintenance manual - I cant find anything in the manual regarding maintenance / lubrication for the front idler and track rollers in the routine maintenance section. I had an older Case 450 dozer and it had grease fittings on the front idler and upper track carrier roller - not sure if they were OEM or if someone added grease fittings. There is no grease fittings so I figure they must be oil bath inside.

The parts manual for the Case 550 shows plugs in the center hub of the front idler and the lower track rollers - I havent looked for them yet. If I can find the plugs should I open them and check oil level - how full should they be ? What grade oil should be used - gear oil or lighter ?

The upper track carrier roller has 3 bolts on the cover plate and one bolt has a copper washer - I assumed the one with the washer is where the oil would be added - is that correct and how full should they be ? I dont want to over fill and blow out the seals. What grade of oil ?

Appreciate any advice
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We found a hex head screw in the front idler on the hub facing up and out.
nothing in manuals instructs on Lubrication of this front idler.
still researching