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Jun 8, 2003
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From reading all of the Century / Branson posts here I was under impression that engines were Kukje until the 3045 which was Yanmar - but a site I just visited advises the 2035 (35 hp) is a Mitsubishi engine. How does Mitsubishi compare with Kukje diesel engines? I am looking at 35 hp Century / Bransons at the moment - the 3035 series or 2035, but admit their numbering system is confusing and not all sites list all lines.
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MB, Whatever site you were on is from the stone age. What you are quoting is certainly not current information. Century has two series, 20 series which is the 2028 and 2535 and 30 series 3035, 3040 and 3045. ALL except the 3045 use Kukje diesels. The last two numbers of the model indicate net HP. The middle two 2535 and 3035 use the same 110 cu. in. engine. The 3040 uses the 35 engine with a turbo. The numbering system is confusing because you are dealing with old and current model numbers. There is no 2035 in current production. Hope this helps a little /forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif
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That clears it up. I got to that site earlier today as I was searching for dealers and information on models. I was immediately confused because I thought I was getting a handle on the models until I found that site. Thanks.