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Aug 29, 2002
mid- Maine
Century 3045
The time has come. We have a new C/B forum, this is my 200th post and I have finally got three digits showing on my Century's hour meter (10.0) /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif. What a journey it has been to get here /forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif I started this quest about a year ago when three needs became apparent. First, I am spending too much time cutting my front three acres of weed plot with my Honda 4518. As sweet running a machine as it is, it only has a 38" deck. Secondly, I cannot depend on my neighbor to hay my back 14 acres as he does get very busy. Lastly, because of two operations, I have limitations lifting and moving things. Can't do like I used to /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif. Once the body has hit 50 it went from Mercedes diesel dependability to Yugo dependability in short order.
Well, I started looking at Kubota B7500 and NH TC25. That quickly escalated to L3010 and TC33. Next step was Class III TC40, JD 4610 and now Kioti DK45, lost Kubota somewhere there. I started at a $15k price target, quickly went to $20K and before I knew it was nudging $25K. Backtracked and started looking used, but high prices and machines that seemed well used canned that idea. Enter Chipperman, the (then) new factory rep in the Northeast for Century. "Would I consider Century?" Why not, I considered about everything else! Just under 100 miles from our Mass property is Foskett Equipment in CT. A trip there, a talk with the owner Harold and a lookover and test drive of a new Century and I was impressed. What also impressed me was I was saving substantial money over even Kioti. Deal was made, I was under the $20K budget and had more tractor than I thought I would get! Fast forward to today.
I have the 3045 at the farm in Maine and it has all of ten hours on it. Trust me, I have been in the seat longer than ten hours, it's just I very rarely have to really "work" the tractor. For those of you who aren't aware. Tractor hours are not actual hours of use unless you are at rated RPM. My tach rarely sees 2000 rpm and mostly runs in the 1500 to 1700 rpm range. So far all the work has been FEL work as I am still shopping for a bush hog and finish mower. For my FEL work, I have been using 2-1 (range two, first gear) for driving into the pile and 2-4 for transport. A few times I have forgot to change gears and driven into the pile in 2-4. Disaster? nope! still slams it hard and spins the R4's. In the first ten hours of my learning curve, I have made a few mistakes, yet never once stalled the engine! That Yanmar four is an absolute thing of beauty, smooth as silk, torque like a freight train and very economical. I've used about all of 1/2 tank of fuel so far. The only time I have pushed the FEL to the limits is when I put one of my old Chrysler 300 parts cars up on stands. Something I'm sure not many of you intend to do. I have got stuck in the mud a few times. Each time I needed the diff lock to get me out. Each time it worked no problem. A testament as to how much you really need 4WD in a CUT. So far mechanical problems have been - ZERO. My biggest surprise is how much the R4's can tear up the turf if it is wet. Of course we are talking 5200 lbs of tractor here. They are fine when the ground is dry. Since my weed plot will never make the pages of HOME AND GARDEN, not a huge issue with me. I have said numerous times on TBN to others. Century reminds me of the old Nissan Xterra commercial. "Everything you need, nothing you don't" . After my 100% satisfactory experience with this tractor, even if I had the extra three to seven large for a Kioti or JD, I wouldn't change a thing. Those of you lucky enough (except for weather) to live in Chipperman's territory (Northeast) owe it to yourself to consider a Century no matter what you are looking at now. You can rest assured you will get an excellent value and know that the dealer and rep will give you 100% support with whatever issue you may have. Promise some pictures and an update when I get my implements and the weather changes a little! /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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Thanks for the background and all the information you and everyone has provided. I've also looked at all available tractors and found Century to be the best choice available.
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Pacesetter, your journey mirrors mine quite closely. I just haven't yet reached the end of the journey. After some careful consideration, I calculate that I will probably use a tractor a maximum average of 15-20 hours per month. This was reached considering both all of the contemplated uses, throwing in some uncontmplated uses, and the free time I will have available. I expect more use at first to take care of a backlog, and then it will level out. I started looking at used, but could not find what I wanted there and a bit scary - also, even used ones a bit pricy for anything decent. Then started looking at low hour rental returns but they are close to new prices - though some saving there. Then I decided on new - even the wife thought new a better way to go. But even if I use it a bit more than 15-20 hours a month, I was having a problem getting myself to spend 20 to 25 K on a tractor and implements I would use only that much - say 4 hours a week, and sometimes less. I know I need it, but a 20 k machine sitting, when I could use the money for other things was bothering me. Then I got over that anxiety and decided to go for it anyway - the need factor, the fun factor, and when I retire in a few years, I will use it more perhaps. But there was still sticker shock. I too looked at the Century posts, and checked for dealers in the area, but are none. I was also concerned about local service if I had one delivered here. I did find a local tractor mechanic in business for himself, but have not yet asked him about Century tractors. Also, a concern, everyone recommends HST and that does not come with Century. I know everyone is probably close to being right about HST - but my loader work will be infrequent, and I think I could live without it - for a few hours a week, if price and everything else worked out. ( I should mention that I try to buy things that are basic and simple - when I bought my pickup last year I advised dealer I wanted no power windows, no power door locks, and basic package - though had to be automotic for wife). Anyway, what are your comments re local service if no dealer here, and what about HST - I know everyone posting who has it loves it, but. . . (PS - no Kioti dealer and no Case DX line dealers either. . . )
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At one time, I was concerned about the HST issue. If I made a living with a tractor and used it 8+ hours a day for FEL work I would have it. The way I use mine now and the way you expect to use yours, I wouldn't be concerned about it. I find the shuttle to be no issue at all. Very simple to go between forward and reverse. 90% of the time I use only two gears in one range. That will change when I get my RFM and Bush Hog. To me it seems a waste on larger tractors to keep the engine running at high speed and regulating the tractor speed with the transmission. When you get up into the 35+ HP machines, hydros are less popular, mostly because I don't think they are really as needed in non commercial applications.
I have a slight preference for the Century because of the C-50 loader. The Anson loader on the Branson is extremely well made also. I would check on Branson dealers. I know Dave's Tractor - who posts here- is in CA and sells Bransons. The warrenty rate on these tractors is so low, I would just be sure the dealer set it up properly. They are also so simple that I'm doing all the regular maintainence and fluid changes myself.
One thing I recently did to give you a concept of time and value. CFO is redoing our front room in the farmhouse. She had 25 five gallon pails of horsehair plaster she took down. I drove the tractor up to the side door with the bucket knee height. She brought them down and loaded them into the FEL bucket. One trip out back and I dumped them in the landfill. She would have had to make at least eight trips over 200 yds. with the heavy wheelbarrow. Time on my meter for all, not even .1, amount of manual work saved, immense. Even though 4-6 hours doesn't seem like a lot, it's amazing how much work can be done by the tractor in that time.