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May 26, 2003
Tyler, Texas
Several, all used and abused.
I have a Century/Zetor dealer about 1 mile from my land and a Branson dealer about 15 minutes further away.

Both dealers are of the same quality and have good reputations.

Whatis the difference between the two tractors?
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( What is the difference between the two tractors? )</font>

Not even the color of the paint. With equal dealers, I would look at bottom line. I'd also look at available implements and their prices. Both tractors are available with the same excellent Ansung loaders (different model numbers, of course), but Century also has an eastern european loader available for more money. It is said to be overbuilt.

Branson has a line of implements available. I don't know that Century does, but I'm sure both dealers would be able to provide any sort of implement you need, but perhaps from different sources.

Sounds like you are in the driver's seat. I'd go with the dealer that gave me the best overall deal.

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Yes, both tractors are the same the loaders are not. The Century is available with the same Ansung loader which is a decent loader but the C-50 loader is significantly heavier duty and it is not available to Branson. If you are going to be doing a lot of loader work the C-50 is the only way to go. Also the joy stick set up is much nicer on the C-50. Branson does have a line of implements but they are economy grade. As for parts and technical support I can only tell you that American Jawa (support to the dealer) is second to none. Do your home work and go with who you feel most comfortable.
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As you are a Century rep, you are biased that way, which is understandable, but I respectfully must say that your descrediting of the Ansung loader is not justified. They are a super good loader, as good or better than what you will find on any CUT. Yes the C-50 loader is great loader, built bulkier, with a neat control valve, but let's not diminish the fact that the Ansung loaders are top notch, and quite heavy duty in their own right. Also, I stock the Branson implements, and they are a good quality implement. They have lighter and heavier models of most of the implements they sell, so a buyer can pick depending upon the size of the tractor and intended usage. Just for the record, I sell Bransons, so Chipperman could certainly say I am biased as well. In my opinion, it's a bit like buying a Chevrolet Suburban or a GMC Suburban...pick the dealer that you like best.
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Once you get beyond the deal, dealer and service the only reason to choose one over the other is the loader. I think it's been brought up here before that the C-50 adds about $500 to the delivered price of the Century. Having used my C-50 for about a month now, I can say I'm glad I spent the extra. The mounting of the loader to the tractor, the ease of detaching the loader and the convenience of the fender mounted loader control don't seem overly important when looking at a new tractor. They do increase in importance the more you experience you gain. As stated, there are other important factors to consider. They all factor in other aspects of the purchase that do not pertain to the tractor itself. The C-50 gives the Century an overall edge by a small margin, but Dave's right, the factory Ansung loader is by no means a shabby piece of equipment. Certainly far superior to the Mahindra loader IMHO.
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Thanks for the information so far, but here's a new twist.

I don't need a FEL. See my post in construction forum titled RV Park. I'm more interested in brush hogging, finish mowing, post holw digging and maybe wood splitting. It's the PTO that I need.

If both are identical, is it just a Chevy, GMC thing? A different cosmetic option. Do the parts interchange? If I buy Branson, will a Century dealer have the parts for it?
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"Branson does have a line of implements but they are economy grade."

I believe you are mistaken here, Chipperman. They have economy but they also have some pretty heavy duty ones. I would second what Dave said about the loader and add this: The two loaders have never been tested to my knowledge side by side. The only thing I know about them is that the specs are very similar. The C-50 certainly looks heavier but I do wonder whether it needs to be that heavy. The Ansung loaders are very heavy and mine has stood up well to pretty rough use so far (40 hours and counting). The joystick is no doubt in a better place on the Century.

I have a Branson and considered Century--the dealer made the difference, as well as the price.

Get a loader--you'll definitely use it more than you imagined. It's needed ballast to the front end, too.

I think you're Chevy/GMC analogy is not quite correct because they are made by the same manufacturer but distributed by competitors, not sister companies. All else equal, go with your gut.

One other thing, which could be read as a + or - is that American Jawa also markets Zetor Tractors. Branson only markets Bransons.
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( If I buy Branson, will a Century dealer have the parts for it? )</font> Yes, save for the loader and backhoe.
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( ( If I buy Branson, will a Century dealer have the parts for it? ) Yes, save for the loader and backhoe. )</font>

I don't think that is correct Jonathon. The Century dealer should have parts for the Branson loader, since the exact same loaders are sold as Century loaders. It's the Branson dealer who won't have parts for one specific loader--The Century C-50.

Can't speak about the backhoes, though.

Hope this isn't getting too confusing for Eddie. Don't want to drive him into the Orange camp. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif

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Yes, that's what I meant, except for the C-50 loader and the backhoes, which are different manufacturers.