Chainsaw Manual for a Remington SL-11 / Montgomery Ward TMC-24036D



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Oct 30, 2012
Washington County, NY
JD 5075E
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I know this is a long shot, but does anybody know where to get a manual for a Montgomery Ward 65cc (TMC-24036D) chainsaw (Remington SL-11).
I'm not sure if Monkey Ward sold them under a different name, but I believe the saw was made by Remington and sold by them as a model Remington SL-11. This is my new restoration project saw for it to join the other top handle M. Wards saw which is really a McCulloch 100 Eager Beaver saw.

I've been able to track down some info on it, I know it uses a Champion CJ6 sparkplug, which is hard to find in stores.

Anybody have experience with this saw?