ck2610 mid-pto cka113 install question


orange tree

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Sep 15, 2021
central idaho
kioti ck2610
Just bought (due in November :( ) a new ck2610 (woot). I will use a snow blower, but haven't decided front or rear, yet, and since i won't take delivery until winter, I probably won't be able to make up my mind this year. Rear leaves the bucket (helpful) but requires taking off the backhoe (probably not using it in the winter - BUT i do not have a good place to store it for a couple years until i have the house built). I have a short BUT tight/complicated area to plow; although too large to plow with bucket only I *think* (but will see this winter)

I'm considering having the dealer install the mid-pto before delivery (~20% cheaper overall, ~$500 installed). My tractor will live 3 hours (one way) from the dealer, so a bit of a pain when i will need to take it in.

My question is:
- how difficult is the mid pto to install DIY (I'm plenty handy, but don't want to fabricate; used to work in an auto shop, but will just have a pole-barn for the next couple years in which to work)
- with nothing mounted, are there any disadvantages / ramifications of having the cka113 installed? Dealer says it sucks no power when off; does it meaningfully affect breakover or anything else i'm not thinking of?

If it's really easy to install myself, or it causes issues that aren't worth it if i _don't_ end up needing it, i'll just wait;
otherwise I'll eat the cost to just pay for it up front / speculatively



Jun 6, 2018
CK2610 HST; B7800
Sorry, can’t help but I am curious as to the cost of the kit. Might get one.