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Mar 18, 2016
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Folks. I've been in northern MN for a few weeks to move the spouses parents into assisted living. Her mom developed dementia and her dad has declined ability to care for her over the past year. Spouse had been in Ely for over a month now to help them move and now we're cleaning out the place which is quite the job since they bought the place in the early 1960s. Gee whiz this is a job, and we have a dumpster order. House is going up for sale etc, etc. This is why I've not been posting much.
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Sorry to hear about your wife's parents. Dementia is horrible. My dad passed away in October from it. Every day is just a little worse.
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I probably should have gotten a dumpster for both my moms and my dad's houses but I did a lot of goodwill and dump runs instead.

I think being a spouse (or friend) of the children helps since you're less emotional about the objects. There were a couple pieces of mom's furniture that I grew up with and couldn't bear put in the dump. So they went into the barn here, which wasn't the best environment. I'll probably have to put them in the dump after all.
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I should add that my spouse works ful time but got time off with pto banked pay. Because of a federal law they can't fire her. If she couldn't have got paid time off, we couldn't be here.
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I've been down that same road. 50 years of accumulated "stuff" that nobody really wanted with a few obvious exceptions. I completely filled a 40 cu yd dumpster and hauled scrap metal and crap from daddy's shop by the truck loads. My mom would have beat us for throwing away some of the things we did but it's the best thing we ever did.
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Sorry you're going through this. Around here, folks used to have auctions to sell off the personal property and the real estate, but sometimes you're in a situation where you have to just deal with it yourself.
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Sorry you and the SO are dealing with this.

It is so stressful and don't neglect yourselves when dealing with this.

Good luck to you, all.
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Tough job, prayers for you. My brother and I did this some years ago, we made it real easy by getting a couple large dumpsters.