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Dec 7, 2004
Western Illinois
JD 3720
I have run my 4310 for 12 hours( on the meter) in the past few days. The fuel indicator said I was down to about 20% left in the tank.

I took a 5 gallon can full of diesel put a funnel into the tank and began pouring. You guessed it - the tank overflowed! I wasn't too happy about getting diesel fuel on the tractor and wasting that expensive stuff.

However, I was amazed that in 12 hours of running I hadn't even used 5 gallons.

Is there a fix for the faulty fuel indicator?
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Good mornng

I have a 4310 and the fuel gauge is irratic at best. I don't even bother with it much. I know that if I am full at the start of the day, I can run a full 8-10 hr day and still be fine. Then I fill up.

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Mine is the same. It works ok, just a little out of calibration. I thought about bending the float arm a little to make it more accurate as the tank empties but I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Maybe next oil change.
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How far is it off ? Whats the capacity on a 4310? If you know its way off, talk to your dealer about fixing it.
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Get a smaller funnel -- you won't waste as much fuel. /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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I've overflowed my 4010 tank twice, using the kerosene syphon bought from TSC. That thing flows very fast. Gotta stay there and watch it now.

My 4010 uses about 0.5 gallon/hour.

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My 4300 fuel gauge is only good at estimating. I refill using the "eyesight" method. First I try and make sure it will take at least 5 gallons and while I fill it I keep watching. I learned this lesson much the way you have.
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I bought a fuel storage caddy. I have to manually turn a crank on this wheeled caddy to put the fuel in but it is so much more conveniant. I never overfill although I must still pay attention to whats going on. I like that I can drive to my nearby station and fill it up with red dye diesel, it takes 30 gallons. I saw the fuel economy your getting but it will most certainly go down as the RPM's go up such as when you mow which is just about the most fuel using operation I have found yet for compacts. At under 1600 RPM or so, the fuel economy is very good, at 2600 RPM, it's going to go down. I can easily consume 30 gallons in a few weeks when doing my summer mowing chores.
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Thanks for the replies: Some answers to questions. I'd say the fuel gauge is at least 50% off.
I like the idea of having to pump it into the tractor from a hose. Right now I do have small funnel, but still have to pour. So I didn't waste that much.
I imagine you are correct that when I start working at high rpm's the fuel consumption will go up.