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Nice to see this thread active again. Thanks for all the good pics and stories.
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Here are some shots I got at the Cincinnati Zoo back in October.









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Worked my way up a really rugged, narrow canyon this past weekend - scrambling over waterfalls and rock slides not something I should be doing at my age. Tremendously sheer high walls on both sides. But it was all worth the effort when I came across this skeleton. Probably a lion kill...but its also possible he fell off one of the cliffs.


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Amazing skull formation where the horns connect.
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Neat! Are you allowed to collect those, like deer antlers here?
My understanding is that it is necessary to have some kind of permit to be in possession of a bighorn skull/horns. Location it was in, no way I could haul that thing out of there. It was hard enough getting my own old bones up there and back out without serious injury. This is what the canyon floor looked like - brush and huge boulders:

Canyon walls pretty much sheer and hundreds of feet high.

We are allowed to collect deer antlers - but only at certain times of the year.
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A few yrs ago when I was cleaning up limbs that I do every spring for fire suppression I vame across this cougar kill.

I collected up these pieces and placed them on a stump then checked on a regular basics. Took mons. for animals to clean up all of them.

This hair was all gone within 1 mon. Small animal's and birds must have used it for nests.