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In the early spring this are is a small but wide waterfall
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This farm I owned has a summer farm in the area where the waterfalls are, we had three 3 summer farms, producing white and brown cheese for sale.
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Thanks for the pictures of the waterfalls!!! That just makes it even more amazing.
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It's hard to comprehend having a farm that people have been building stuff on it and working it for a thousand years!!!!!
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First written documents mention this and my neighbour farms are from 1309 and then it has probably been a farm for many hundreds of years, the church here have been in use for 800 years.
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Not nature but a stone fens with a waterind dich beneath it, how old I don't know but it has been a farm here for over a thousand years.View attachment 795307
Tough job to pile up those rocks with any machine today. How it must have been done without machines is a wonder.