Couple Toyota questions

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Jul 9, 2018
Bostic, NC
Yanmar sa424
Quick backstory.
My aunt had a 95 Avalon that she bought new.
She kept it meticulously maintained. 120,xxx miles.
Interior and exterior excellent condition.

She passed 2 years ago.
Family cranked it off and on for about 6 months.
Sat for last year and half.
I just bought it for 500.

Put new battery in and fuel pump not kicking on.
And gas gauge not working.
It worked when parked.

I’ve bought a fuel pump, strainer, and filter.
Have not installed yet.
Should be pretty straight forward as access is under back seat.

My questions are
1. When I remove it and before unplugging it, can I put a volt meter on the plug to make sure it’s getting power.

2. What should the volts or amps be.

3. Could the faulty gas gauge be related to this.