Craftsman PYT9000 - how to adjust Parking Brake?

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May 17, 2024
Craftsman PYT9000

Recently purchased a 2010 Model Craftsman PYT9000 247.289800 13AR91PS0909. Great machine, motor runs strong. However......

The parking brake is not grabbing. I cannot find a way to adjust the tension. There are no threads or nuts on the rod that connect the pedal to the brake assembly. No amount of internet searches have shown how to execute this task. I have worked on other riding mowers that have a more simplified method. Any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance. See attached picture of the brake assembly.


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If yours is like my GT5000 it has a disc brake kind of. The metal piece the brake rod pulls rotates when pulled. It has a bit of an angle to it as I recall. As it moves it depresses the pad against the disc. There is an adjustment to move the pad closer to the disc because as the pad wears it gets thinner. The pads are replaceable, by the way. It's been a couple years since I had mine apart but it seems there's a pad on each side of the disc. You may have to take the assembly apart to see how it works as I guess I've forgotten more than I thought. That may give you the idea anyhow.
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The adjuster is the castle nut with the split pin in it. But what happens a lot is the two pins in the brake caliper corrode and seize

Most likely will need to remove the brake from the tranny. Remove and derust the pins and the caliper to get everything moving again. Just be aware that the brake shoes will fall out and will be a pain to get back into position for reassembly. The rear pad can be held in place with the disc. The front pad can be held with a wrap of scotch tape around the pad and caliper.
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Thanks Randy. Its info like this from good folks like you that make these forums so valuable!