Cub Cadet 1512 Diesel with mower deck

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Selling this Cub Cadet 1512 diesel garden tractor. Kubota D600 three cylinder diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, single spool hyd lift, mower deck. Will not come with different bar tires and no wheel weights. Needs fuel lines from tank to engine and return line back to tank. Does run, has good battery. Excellent one to restore or use how it is. Asking $1200 how it sits, if I get around to fixing the fuel lines it will be higher once the grass goes green.


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   / Cub Cadet 1512 Diesel with mower deck
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I would trade the tractor for a nice 4' cat1 rototiller for my sub compact. Also hunting a Woods RM48 rear finish mower.
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I had one. Nice tractor. I couldn't get more than 1300 out of it so I let it go. Glad I paid only $900 for it.And used it a few years. Well worth 1500+ IN MY OPINION.
   / Cub Cadet 1512 Diesel with mower deck
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They used to go for 2K or more for any cub cadet diesel. Market has really cooled off on them in recent years. Still about the best garden tractor you can own. Once it warms up enough to get it into my shop, I will fix its fuel line issues and put it up for sale. We dont need two diesel GT's and a SCUT.