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Apr 15, 2012
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Cub Cadet 7305
I went to my local CC dealer to purchase Hydrostatic fluid for my 7305. The parts salesman said that he needed my serial number also. He said it could be special synthetic, or 20w50 motor oil or something else. My tractor is a 2002 year model, serial number 23079, code # 54A-447-100. Any help on the type of fluid would be appreciated.
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Hydro Gear who make a lot of Hydros recommend an engine oil 20w/50 SG/CD
or a synthetic 15w/50 i.e. Mobil 1
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Here are the CC part #'s given in the manual for my 7235. Your tractor should be about the same as mine except for hp, both are 7000 series, mine = 23 hp (center number), yours = 30 hp, both are HST indicated by last number (5).

However, my tractor is older than yours, mine is a 1997. Don't know if they may have changed something in later model to require different fluid or not. But I also have a Cub Super Garden Tractor model 1782 that is also HST and the manual for it lists the same fluid as for the 7235.

Here are the #'s, all are same fluid, just different size containers:

737-3025 -- 1 qt.
737-3062 -- 1 gal. (Not in manual but bought from dealer)
737-3026 -- 5 qts.
737-3035 -- 5 gals.
737-3027 -- 55 gals.
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This 7305 is like right around right around la 1998.
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Nineteen ninety 87305