Cub Cadet GT 2544 review!


Cub gt 2544=best

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Apr 8, 2021
2007 Cub Cadet GT 2544
Hello. I’ve come to my senses and finally decided to make a review of My 2007 Cub Cadet Heavy Duty GT 2544 garden tractor. So, basically this tractor has a commercial grade 22 hp Kohler Command CH670 Horizontal Shaft engine. Has 35 foot-pounds of torque. It also has the fully serviceable Cast Iron transmission which has a Hydro Gear BDU 10L hydro pump. And has a 1 inch axle shaft that is steel and 4 lug rear wheels. The transmission is equivalent to the k72 from tuff torq. You can use ground engaging attachments like the mold board plow, 30 inch hydraulic tiller, 44 inch deck, and really anything you can attach to a sleeve hitch.
But anyway, I have put this tractor through so much stuff and it always comes out running. I have cut my neighbors lawn that was 4 feet tall and it didn’t bog down, towed my 6000 pound boat and rolled my lawn with a 600 pound roller, moved cars with it in the snow, and used it to till and plow a garden. Has never let me down. Mowing for this machine is almost to easy for this machine. Never bogs or struggles. Using it as a garden tractor is even easier on the machine. It never stops no matter what I do I can’t stop this tractor. In the 280.5 hours it has I have had no issues the Transmission works great the engine always runs like a top. Also every year get a fresh oil change with Amsoil Small engine 10 w 30.
Now I also owned a cub 1872 and John Deere x540 but the quality for some reason isn’t as good as my cub cadet GT 2544. It always was able to do way more than those other tractors. So in conclusion i think that these tractors are the best garden tractors I’ve ever used. Thanks for reading! Have a nice day.