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Jul 10, 2000
What would be a fair price range for a new Cub Cadet model #7265, with loader and 5' belly mower?

Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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I recently bought a used Cub 7260 with a Woods 1009 Loader for 10.5k It had 330 hours on it. It was used at a factory that builds Woods Loaders. They used it primarily to move and test loaders. The front tires were worn from all the short turns but the PTO and three point were never used. I feel pretty good about the deal and the tractor has worked like new. It might be worth your while to look for a used model. If Cubs have a low resale value, it might be something to take advantage of. After 2 months of use (about 35 hours-mostly cutting with a brush hog) I am very impressed.
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I have a price of 17800 with a cub loader on a 7265. In southcenteral MI.