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Sep 12, 2010
Shelby, MI
John Deere 2210, John Deere 6x4 Gator
My usual pass through the postings for the day on Craigslist landed me on a Curtis Cab for my JD 2210 only 1 hour away. Been looking, looking and even contemplated building one using purchased. This one has all of the options front and rear wipers, mirrors, front and rear lights, hard side doors, rear glass and 20,000 BTU/hr heater. In great shape for being a 2006. Picked it up today.

JD 2210 Curtis Cab Loading 04.png

JD 2210 Curtis Cab Inside.png

JD 2210 Curtis Cab R Side.png

JD 2210 Curtis Cab Back.png

JD 2210 Curtis Cab Front.png

JD 2210 Curtis Cab Loading 02.png


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That was a great find.. sometimes the stars do align..
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Nice score.........:thumbsup:
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Second the stars aligning for you. Great find.
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Keep the cab. I'd be happy with the 2210.
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Keep the cab. I'd be happy with the 2210.

I've been happy with it since 2009. It is a great tractor and has done everything I have asked it to do and more than it probably should have. Living in MI and now in our new location further north, winter is a big part of the 2210's season clearing snow for us, neighbors and many mailboxes for the mail gal. At the old house, my JD 345 with 42"snowblower was the snow removal machine for 20 years but without a blade of grass to mow at our new place, just sand, I only have the 2210 and purchased a 47" Front blower for it. I sold the 54" deck for the 2210 after a few years of being here. Not sure why I hung on to the 2210 54" mower deck so long, just not sure any one would want it but... it sold on CL in just a few hours. I grade 3+ miles of roads all summer we shall see what the cab does for that. Not quite sure.

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The "new to me" cab is powder coated. It is peeling/rusting bad on the bottom, a few areas on the doors and many spots where the rubber trim is fitted to protect the tractor and seal the doors. Metal is still in great shape for being 15 years old so I took the entire cab apart piece by piece.

Taking the cab apart 01.png

Taking the cab apart 02.png

Taking the cab apart 03.png

I took it to a local guy who does sandblasting and painting and will have all of the part done. I do not have the tools or the patience to peel, sand and paint it. The sandblasting guy said it would continue to peel. Looking forward to getting it back and assembling it on the tractor as if it were out of the box.

The heater core was damaged during removal by the previous owner so took it to a local radiator shop to be repaired and pressure tested. Need to order the parts to connect it to the tractor from the Curtis Dealer but will be good to have all the right parts.
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Always nice to see others doing things right and for the long haul. Nice work!
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May I ask what you paid for it?
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$1,200 after sandblasting, paint, new wiring, switches, hoses, replacement seals, stainless steel screws and connections to coolant system should have about $2,500 into it.