/ D2000 Main drive gear issue #1  


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Jun 20, 2024
Mitsubishi D2000
Hey all, I have a d2000, Everything runs great, except, There was a little clicking noise in reverse, but all gears work. Couple weeks ago while mowing loud clicking/grinding starts coming from main gear box, not clutch bearing. I was able to locate the issue. The Reverse Idle Gear has ground the main drive shaft near to smooth. Reverse still works. What could have caused this? Should I sell this as a parts tractor now? Or will someone be interested in replacing the main drive shaft. The part is available, but what does this fix entail?
   / D2000 Main drive gear issue #2  
If you decide to sell it as a parts tractor i would be interested.
   / D2000 Main drive gear issue #3  
I probably have the parts you need. feel free to message me for a discount