David Brown 996 Hydraulics issue



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Mar 25, 2015
david brown 996
Hi All,

I've noticed an issue with the lift arms on my 1972 db996 selectamatic. Its been out of action for a few days waiting on waterpump seals to arrive,
while out of action I knocked up a set of pallet forks for it, fitting the lift arm pegs a few inches higher than the lowered rest position of the lift arms, ensuring the forks will sit on the ground when lowered.
Today the water pump seals turned up so I rebuilt the pump and reasembled the tractor, fitted the forks by lifting the lift arms onto the pegs (they were still in the lowered position), fitted top link and checked the lift (selector is in middle - height / position), appeared to work fine, holding at any position, up and down as you like, except it only lowers to 3" above ground! Not a lot of use for picking up pallets!
The only way I can get it on the ground it to select draft / depth control, it then lowers to the ground or raises right up, but of course i've lost the mid position control.
I don't believe it is a fault as such, maybe an adjustment needed, i've owned and used the tractor for years mainly for grass cutting and some ditch clearing, all with hydraulics in height / position but not noticed an issue with it.
Just seems weird that down is not right down when selecting height/position control.

Can anyone point me in the right direction to correct this or should I take the easy option and fit the lift pegs higher up the forks!

Thanks Paul.