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Jun 28, 2015
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I have an old carry all that I haven't used in years since I got my FEL. I'm thinking about setting it up for a dedicated fence repair carry all and thought some of you guys might have pics of one similar to what I'm wanting to do.

I'm just basically going to have a solid back with a shelf to hold small tools, chainsaw, stretcher, staples, etc. and a floor with raised edges to hold rolls of barbed wire, metal posts, post driver and some bigger tools. Where I'd like some ideas is a way to incorporate a way to unroll barb wire and be able to remove the unroller. I have a few ideas but would like to see what ya'll have.

Yes, I have searched the web and haven't seen one with a removable wire unroller.

Thanks. We all like pics!
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The most simple way to do it is likely build the wire unroller on a 2" tube and mount a receiver hitch on the carry-all.
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Think Horizontal or Vertical receiver hitch tube for a quick attach.....anything really. Removable wire roller sounds as good as anything else that can be adapted to one.
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Thanks a lot for the great hitch tube idea. I'll be able to use a hitch mounted unroller on my truck or tractor plus the carry all.

Now I just have to figure out a way to attach the hitch to the carry all.
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I bolted some truck bed boxes I got at an auction to a plywood topped pallet for my fencng pallet, Left the 3pt open for the PHD. I now have a SSQA hydraulic PHD. I added on some PVC pipes to some flimsy boards. Ended up breaking the boards due to lack of support & excessive leverage. I'd care more if I werent into the whole thing about $15 & mostly done with my fencing for now.
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Here's mine, don't have any thoughts on the unrolled but I've incorporated the chainsaws and a tool box. I also added casters to the bottom. The casters are great for shuffling the carry all around the garage IMG_0011.JPG
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Here's mine, don't have any thoughts on the unrolled but I've incorporated the chainsaws and a tool box. I also added casters to the bottom. The casters are great for shuffling the carry all around the garageView attachment 505888

Thanks a lot for the pic. That's kinda what I had in mind. I really like the saw scabbards.:thumbsup:
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toss a flange fitting down to deck boards (hardware stores = 2",3", 4" toilet flange metal), screw in a pipe to that, run it up to were ever drill a hole all the way through pipe. toss a large bolt with some extra nuts on both sides, toss a couple pieces of plywood on top (one plywood touch bolt, other piece acting like a washer than can freely spin), toss barb wire roll over pipe and onto top plywood washer. if you can find a cheap large plastic tub, or plastic garbage can, for a few bucks, cut yourself a couple circles out of the sides, and place between the 2 sheets of plywood. for a bit more free spin on things.

local hardware store, fence isle (for folks that live in the city style of fencing), you should see some metal fence posts for chain link fence, you might find a flange or like fitting there as well.

drill press + V notch in say a 4x4 lumber + a couple clamps = easiest way i have found in drilling holes in pipe.

other option...

is just drill a hole in say a 2x4, and align the 2x4's on each side of carray all. and toss a pipe through it. would still suggest plywood washer on each side with a couple plastic diy washers. so when it hangs up on a side, it will still turn. you will most likely need an angle brace for the 2x4's that has the pipe on it. when that barb wire catches, it will snag and rip stuff up.

5 gallon buckets can be rather nice. to set posts and like in. assuming you have 3 sides, and a 4th side acting like a door (couple hinges, and a *meh* forget name cusp is what i want to say, has a hinge that goes over a spot were you generally place a lock on it.

other option, run 4 posts up in each corner, run some 1x2's or 2x4's around 3 sides, spaced a few inches apart. and for the back side (4th side), make sure you have a bottom lip. and then place a 2x4 up say then 4 feet, maybe 5 feet up pending on length of your posts are. so you can stand the posts up inside, and the posts will basicly lean inside. just reach in from back and grab what you need. vs bending over. ((then menards, lowes, homedeopt, were they have an isle of pipe leaned up on there ends, (pvc, copper, etc...type of pipe)

keep room if you use electric fence / hot fence for animals. 5 gallon buckets are rather nice to toss a few bags of insulators into.

generic fence wire (not barb), just a roll of wire. toss a bolt some place than you can hang a roll of wire off of. so you can reach over and grab what ever length you want, when mending / fixing fences / dealing with corner posts and like.

for your fence staples (wooden posts), to the clips for T posts. find a 1 gallon bucket or large coffee can with a lid. to toss that stuff into. "needs a lid" one little bump and you spend 2 hours picking stuff off the ground in weeds *big frown*

find a spot to shove a couple nail aprons (couple pouches in front that you tie around your waste) to hold fence staples in. seems like i always end up putting a hole in one of them.

toss a bolt on for the water jug, make it on the back, so you do not have to fight everything to get to it!

toss a couple 2" to 4" pvc pipe a couple feet long in a corner or (if on the outside with end caps on them) so you can toss a couple long handle shovels or a rake or like into them.

use another 4" or two pipes. to toss a couple chains in them (toss hooks onto edge of pipe).

to above build yourself a tool chest! grab the gear you will most likely use, and toss it into middle of the floor. and start adding stuff onto the carray all till you have a spot for all of it!

jug of water
one of the tools might be a "farm jack" for T posts, to pull the stupid things out, when ya bend one over completely. and and you can not get tractor into spot to remove it.
hand tamper (pipe with a weight on end of it),
some small levels, to string levels.
tape measure
regular claw hammer.
fence stapler hammer/puller
flat bar /prybar
flat head screw driver when nothing else works for a wood staple.
wire cutters
larger wire cutters
tree trimmers (for little trees / branches that always come about either in fence line, or were you want to drive.
wrenches / socket wrenches for fence strecher.
a few pair of extra gloves for when you tear them to shreds with sharp ends of wire to barb wire.
a pencil or 2 perhaps a marker.
weed eater / trimmer, with possibly a brush blade on it. if crud just will not let you to get down to bottom of post to hammer in a staple.
shovel = spade
shovel = flat end shovel
shovel = bull noise wider shovel if ya need to dig some if using a post hole digger.
2 handle post hole digger if ya using post hole 3pt digger, and did not get a good drilling of hole / cleaning of hole.

TIP, get some velcro straps and figure out a way to attach them to a level. makes it a bit easier to strap level to a post. and not needing extra hands or tossing level off to the side.

a fence is a fence, but sure is a lot of stuff needed for them at times....
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boggen- Wow, great write up! Thanks for all the great ideas. Once I get started it'll be one of those deals where I'll be adding features as needed.

We now carry most of the stuff you mentioned in the back of the truck and it's all a tangled mess. I usually need the tractor for something so I have to walk back to the shed and get it. Most of our fences are 25 years old and starting to need repairs/replacing. Old fencing that surrounds 125 acres requires some attention at times. A fully equipped carry all sure will come in handy.