Deere 6x4 Gator Replacement Tires



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May 21, 2005
Paris, TX
JD2210, Ford 4400, Case IH 685, Terramite T7, JD 6x4 M-Gator
I was going broke buying $100 replacement Carlisles for my 6x4 Gator, and finally tried the Nanco N689s at half the price. These are load range 2 rather than the 3 rating on the Carlisles so I knew I was going to take a bit of a beating on capacity. I ordered two at $50 and placed them in the mid position, running them at the same inflation pressure as the rears.

Aside from the different tread pattern that screams "I was broke and bought these cheaper tires", I am very pleased with them. Traction and size are fine. Can't speak to durability yet, but the Carlisles were nothing to rave about, so I doubt they'll be worse for half the price.

Besides the price, another plus is that they seem to have significantly improved the ride with them being mounted in the mid position.

For now I consider myself better off than having Carlisles all around. Here's a link for the Nancos.

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