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Mar 4, 2008
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Hey Jobob,

I was gonna post this on Bill in NC's thread, but decided that a new thread would be more appropriate.

I don't think the Del Morino mowers are as dangerous as characterized by John. Del Morino has been building the 20 and 26 inch rough-cut rotary mowers for at least 20 years. They're superior to the BCS 30 inch mower for several reasons and that is why BCS started selling them. Really, the BCS 30" mower is a glorified lawn mower - no breakaway blades, no tilt. You can still buy a new Del Morino with a BCS sticker on it for $1079 for 26 inch. If they were tossing blades left and right all the time, they'd have been sued out of existence. As with anything, if you abuse and neglect it, it's gonna get damaged, worn out, and become dangerous. Any mower will toss rocks - even the Stihl trimmers John mentioned will toss rocks if equipped with a brush blade. There is no good, absolutely safe way to mow extremely rocky areas.

I have a 26 inch BCS (Del Morino) rotary mower that I use every once in a while. It has its problems - one being very easy to hang up when going through a ditch (taller tires help this) - but it's just as good as the operator. A good operator will have few issues, and bad one will have many issues. I also have a BCS 30" mower. I mounted it once, hated it, and tossed it in the corner of the shed. Wanna buy it?

I sold a Grillo 107d with 26 inch Berta flail mower yesterday. The Berta mower attachment cost the buyer $1600. I also showed her the Del Morino that she could have bought for $950. It would have been a better bang for her buck, but she decided the Berta flail mower had enough added features to justify the extra $600 in expense. She really liked the removable baffle that allowed faster mowing speeds in heavy brush. If you're looking for the better bang for your buck, don't rule out the Del Morino mower because of a perceived belief that it's dangerous.
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Thanks for the info.