Deutz Fahr KH500 Tedder Gearbox Issue

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Jul 21, 2018
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I was able to buy a 4 basket KH500 for next to nothing, but it has a gearbox that has seen better days. There are two bearings on the input shaft, one is a sealed bearing about 2" in diameter and then a roller bearing that rides on the shaft farther back. The roller bearing is all egg shaped and toast. I have a lathe and I was going to mount the gearbox in the lathe, bore out the gearbox to a round shape, make a sleeve, press it in and re-install the bearing. Problem is, I can't get the tedder apart. I have the input shaft out, the claw coupler removed, sections unbolted, but I don't want to force it. Any thoughts?


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   / Deutz Fahr KH500 Tedder Gearbox Issue
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Ok, I found my problem. In order to remove the whole gearbox on one of these tedders, you have to remove the SNAP RING on the end. Once that was off, I could get the bearing on the end torched off because it was seized on the shaft and long since dead. You also have to remove the two roll pins that hold on the wheel and shaft assembly for one of the two first baskets so that the gears can slide past one another. Once the basket is dropped, the smaller gear is able to slide out. Then, the gearbox can be slid down and removed. My gearbox had a lot of damage to the needle bearing bore. I welded the damage and trued it up on my lathe. New bearing is on the way and should be a much better set up than when I started. I also had to buy a new input shaft gear due to damage on the teeth. I will report back when new bearings and parts are in.