Discount on new Kubota BX25?

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Nov 2, 2014
Laplata, MD
Kubota LX3310
Greetings, getting ready to purchase my first new tractor, a BX25. When I build/price it online it's about $21.5k. When buying locally, what is a reasonable "deal"? Is ~10% off MSRP reasonable? I see Kubota offers $0 down and 0 financing for 5 years. Assuming 4% interest rate, that's $2200 in interest over the life of the loan. I'd rather pay cash and save the interest, and take advantage of and additional discount. I understand that dealerships vary, just looking for suggestions. Thank you....
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85-90% of MSRP is a reasonable benchmark, IMHO.
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My local dealer quoted me $19,688 for the BX last week. Told me take an additional $1650 off if pay cash instead of finance. hope this helps.