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Aug 26, 2003
Century 2535
Are their any web sites that show list prices for century tractors and accessories. What type of discounts
should i expect to get? I have found a local kubota dealer that is offering 15% off. Is the 15% a good figure to shoot for?

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Not all tractor mfg/dealers have the same cost, plus some dealers order stock tractors with different option or loaders which also affect the price. So to say is _% off a good deal may not be a good way to compare. In addition from month to month or 1/4 to 1/4 programs can change. I would suggest speaking with dealers of the manufacturers you are considering and then weigh how comfortable you are with the dealer and the price. Go with what feels write for you. I will also say I can guaranty what ever tractor you buy is mechanical and built by people and it will break. When it does you will need the service of a reputable dealer. A lot of buyers do not think of that until it is to late. Don’t get me wrong I think competition is great but with in reason there is more to a tractor sale then price.
Good luck with what ever you buy.
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Hi Chipperman - Thanks for your feedback - Are we saying that Century does not
published their recommended retail prices? I always through that they were useful in
comparing prices and in determining discounts offered by authorized dealers?

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Century does have recommended retail prices but any tractor can be ordered with a number of options IE single remote, dual remotes, weights etc. If it has a loader it may not be the same model as another dealer has plus it two may have different options as well. IE bucket size, third function, etc. All of the above will have an effect on the “list price” Than depending on when you purchase, most manufactures run additional programs that vary buy month or ¼ or what ever. And then this still does not take into account additional discounts a dealer may have gotten or shipping they have paid. All of the above may vary from one manufacturer to another. What I am trying to say is a lot of times customers over simplify the purchase of a tractor and try to treat it more like a commodity and go simply by price. Tractor purchases are a major investments and it can be helpful to look at the whole picture. We all want to get the most for your money, myself included. I just want people to understand Tractor are not commodities, you will most likely have them for many years and hopefully get a lot of use and enjoyment out of them.
Good luck