DIY TX1510 add external hydraulics for mower rotor

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Jan 29, 2023
Southern France
Iseki TX1510F
Anybody knows what, where, how to add the external hydraulic line connectors on an Iseki TX1510? Would it be powerfull enough to activate a hydraulic rotor of a small (80cm) mower blade? I'm considering to add to my tractor this feature below, which is a fence pole mower. But I wonder is my little Iseki is capable of working with this. Don't know (yet) how much Liter/minit it needs.
Information of all sorts very welcome. Like which tube to cut, where to add a split for an extra tap. Where to buy this stuff?
There is also a PTO-version, but that makes the installation much more expensive (2500€ in stead of 1700€) and why power an external hydraulic pump if you allready have one on the tractor?



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I don't think you have enough flow to run that setup. Mine is slow with just a loader! PTO setup is the only way to make that work. I don't remember the exact flow rates, but remember them being below 3 gpm. You can have a manifold for the plate under seat to give you an in and out. It's hars to find factory ones, but know someone that could provide you an aluminum one. I have a Bolens G1502 and a White 1704.
   / DIY TX1510 add external hydraulics for mower rotor
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Thanks for your quick reply Topsize, if indeed you mean us-gallons that means only 11 L/min can't be enough to power a hydraulic rotor. But then again also imperial-gallons at 14/min would not be enough.
Good to be warned for that, I'll have to look into the PTO version and won't bother to change hydraulics on Iseki.
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