Does Anyone Buy Used Tractors?

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Cost me $3100 to do a complete rebuild on the engine in my ancient John Deere 2020 in 2018. Been using the heck out of it since. By the time it needs another rebuild I won't be around to worry about it.
I agree that short term, they can be rebuilt, but eventually they won’t be.Your grandchildren are unlikely to be using it for anything other than novelty or nostalgia purposes. If they need a tractor to do actual work, they’ll be looking for a 2035 model.

Not much demand for Conastoga wagon parts.

Time marches on.
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Ya, well, the difference between a Conestoga wagon (which is very green energy, BTW) and a modern car is a bit more exaggerated than a 1990’s tractor and todays tractor. They both basically do the same thing.
Except the old one costs a small fraction of the new one.
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Is it an in house engine or purchased from an outside vendor?


I looked it up. The 2.4 and (3?) liter engines are (or were?)made by Deere, in Mexico, for smaller Deere equipment, and, I presume, loose engine sales. The design has been out since the early/mid 2000s. The latest brochures don’t list them , though. There is a PowerTech 2.9, and a new series, the JD4. Both are common rail engines.

They are a modern parent bore engine, and replace the old wet sleeve 179 three cylinder engine for all markets except India.

Now that I think about it, I knew that, but forgot!

A lot of you guys fixated on ten or twenty year old technology are going to eventually have to enter the modern age. Like it or not, those old mechanical engines will eventually wear out. Not many Johnny Poppers doing much more than parade duty anymore, and pretty sunr the tractors from the early 2000s will be antiques, too.

I think Deere actually made the 2.4 four and 3.0 five (really, a 3.1 L) engines themselves. Generally they will clearly say if they get an engine from elsewhere (Yanmar, Cummins, Liebherr, etc.) but these engines just said "John Deere," so I assume they made them.

The PowerTech 2.9 is the current common-rail Tier 4 version of the 3029 aka 179 three-cylinder wet sleeve engine. The PowerTech 4.5 is the current common-rail Tier 4 version of the 4045 aka 276 four-cylinder wet-sleeve engine. All of the tractor engines Deere currently makes are common-rail, turbocharged, wet sleeve engines unless I am missing one somewhere.

Deere of India uses an extremely similar engine to the current U.S. spec 3029 (3029H) and in fact gives it the same 3029H designation. They are not using the 1970s 179 design there.

The 2.4 and 3.0 are parent bore engines but are no longer used in tractors, they are used in skid loaders. The 2.4 was dropped in favor of Yanmar engines in the 4 series and the 3.0 that saw very brief and limited usage in some 5 series units was replaced by the Tier 4 common-rail version of the 3029.
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Cracks me up reading someone’s writings about how we need to run out and buy new tractors.…an amazing display or arrogance.
Like I have a 1/4 Million+++ for a NEW tractor…….

I kinda like my older, faded USA built Case-IH Magnum. Great tractor. Built in Wisconsin by American hands. Big American Cummins diesel. Weighs 24,000lbs-feels like it weighs double that. Pulls harder than anything I’ve ever owned.
Sure, it needs some work here and there. I just replaced the turbo, muffler and stack at 5200 hours. She’ll be good as new.
23 years old and still going strong. Its NEW replacement probably has 10 on board computers and an engine made in China. No thanks. Not now. Not until it becomes absolutely necessary.
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I went to a Kubota dealer too. The guy didn't even bother to leave his desk that sits about 5 ft behind the counter and to take even 10 words out of him was a major pain. This adventure lasted maybe 4 minutes in total.

They had a nice used 35HP Shibaura there at the time. They were asking over €14000 for it with 1500 hours if I recall correctly.

On the new tractors, I really like the new Kubota B2650 they had at the time. Shuttle shift 9x9 transmission, Bi-speed but with an asking price of around €16000, it was just way too much for what it is.
When I was buying, my local 'bota dealer wasn't interested in making a sale either, they're probably thinking it's still the time when small 4x4 tractors were all Kubota.

Can't say I'm surprised but the local feed store is now an LS/TYM dealer for the last 5 years and every year has more and more tractor-related stuff out in their yard. I'm not in the market so I can't say if they're "making deals".
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I had similar experiences at my nearest Kubota dealer over the years, and finally fired them 7 years ago. This was a 3 site dealer, so not a small operation. I don't know how they stay in business.
I now drive about an hour to a phenomenal Kubota dealer, and the drive is more than worth it.
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I drive
1966 Cadillac Convertible (all original survivor)
1969 GTO Convertible
1994 Chevy Suburban (West Coast) field truck.
1995 Chevy 1500 (West Coast)
1998 Chevy 3500 with plow (West Coast)
1998 GMC Suburban 1500 (West Coast)

1997 Kubota B2400

I can sell every last one of them for more than I paid used. Some for twice as much. I don’t get worried about looking cool or having shiny and new. One day, I’ll retire and head to my rocking chair as it’s the way of all flesh. I will sell them all, maybe I’ll buy a new car. My wife insists on one every 7-9 years. I don’t get unnerved if my fuel pump breaks on the road. I call emergency road service. That cost me $8 a year per car I have on the road. I simply think that a used and well maintained, lower hour tractor is superb and store of value. Particularly one that doesn’t have emissions. But by all means, buy a new one!
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I would not hesitate to buy a Ford utility tractor from the late 50's through mid 70's if they were in good shape. I grew up tuning distributors and carbs so it's not as mysterious as it would be to someone only used to electronic ignition and fuel injection. They are pretty bullet-proof and simple to work on and you can still get parts for them because so many were made and are still at work today. You don't have to drive far around here to see an old "red belly" or blue and white Thousand Series Ford at work.
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I read a lot through the buying/pricing/comparison forums and see that almost everyone recommends new over used. I also see where most folks on here end up buying new. I know it is not everyone but it seems more common. I agree that used tractors are very expensive.

1. Is it because it is harder to finance and folks don't have the cash?
2. Is it because folks don't want to pay that much for used?
3. If the used market is so expensive and no one wants to pay, why does the price stay high? Or are they selling for a lot less than listing price?
4. Are the used tractors even selling or do they just sit forever and not sell?
5. I read a lot of statements about certain brands having higher resale value. Does this even matter if no one wants to pay for it because the resale value is so high?
6. This might not relate but I see a lot if used chainsaws for sale that are way overpriced as well. I guess folks pay for it and folks selling think they are worth near new prices.

Whenever I am ready to get rid off something, I usually put a decent price on it and it sells quickly. Maybe I need to up my price when selling and be willing to wait 6 months.
Interesting comment. In my part of the UK there are a number of used tractor dealers indicating a thriving market and presumably competitive prices. New tractors are expensive and can’t be justified for a ‘hobby farmer’ like myself. In 2015 I bought an old Case IH for £3500 (UK) with a FEL and have zero regrets. It’s done sterling work with only minor issues. If I have to replace it (not expecting to anytime soon), I will definitely be looking for a used tractor.
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I buy used equipment. I carefully decide what I need, and wait patiently until I find something that meets my (high) expectations, and isn’t so old that new parts aren’t available. I’m also diligent about inspecting before buying. Last I bought tractor was seven years old with 385 hours on the clock. It’s been stellar, and I have spent only a couple hundred bucks on actual repairs. I do buy mostly from individuals.