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Taking a break on the back porch swing after a hard day supervising yard work and patrolling the perimeter...

Layla 050623 1.jpg

What is that strange noise...

Layla 050623 2.jpg

Nothing to be concerned about, now where was I? Oh yeah...

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   / Dog pics #4,783  
Really you just have to learn to understand your dog. They are not crazy or dumb just think for themselves. Your thinking and their thinking is not yet in sync. They just have their moments.
As of a moment ago Jethro (just turned 3) is still growling at his dad over everything. He thinks he should be in charge and is a very vocal dog. I think he has 10 levels of growls and gobs different barks. The old guy ignores him most of the time but when they lock horns is a circus, 2 giant dogs can make a mess.
Now he knows fighting is not allowed but he does not have full self control yet, and has to be reminded frequently.
Smart dogs are like that... they get bored and get into trouble. They need a job, unlike some breeds which are happy to sit on the floor waiting for you to notice them.