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She thought so anyway.
Our pooches used to find a rotten crawdad (rotten shrimp smell) out in the yard.

Open up the door to let them in and the stench was horrible.

Got them bathed and then hung out in the back yard watching and waited for one of them to assume the pre-roll position.

Then I'm tearing across the yard yelling and hollering telling them to get inside
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Wife sent this to me. Our two oldest dogs. The small black one is funny. He hangs out with the hound relaxing, then the older puppy we found with us now, he always rough houses with.

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Here is what one of mine looks like after doing that rolling thing in a cow pasture. She finds the fresh stuff before I have any idea what she is up to.
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My last dog used to find the freshest, wettest, smelliest pile of moose dung and roll in it so that the right side of her neck was covered... then would walk up and rub against me so that I would reach down and pet her there. I swear that she did it just to make me go "Ewww!!" :)

One night before we headed for New York I gave her a bath, thinking "There's virtually no moose there, maybe she will stay clean for a while." That lasted until about noontime the next day. I was sitting by a stream eating lunch when I noticed her rolling in something... a nice smelly pile of otter skat.